Extreme Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults (8.5” x 11”)


300 Extremely Difficult Sudoku Puzzles for Experts with Solutions

Are you a sudoku expert? Are you sure? I dare you to take this extreme challenge!

Not only is this book going to challenge your skills, logic and patience, it should last you a long time with 300 puzzles! And unlike most other sudoku puzzle books (that are software-generated without you in mind), this sudoku book, as well as all of our other puzzle books, has been created from scratch, giving you a much better all round experience. Here’s why:


  • Expertly developed puzzles with accurate skill level
  • Beautifully designed to be pleasant on the eyes
  • Wide margins, so it’s easy to write in or tear pages out
  • 300 extreme sudoku puzzles with solutions to keep you entertained for days
  • Includes a free bonus sudoku puzzle book for you to download and print

We’ve also included 2 bonus hexadoku puzzles to test your skills!

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